Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Removing Toxic People From Your Life


  1. Thank you. Sometimes I forget. :)

  2. Here we go again with Thanksgiving coming up. Should I call my BPD mother-brother and reopen the shut-off contact ? Or maintain silence and safety ? I call them MomTom, they are a two headed enmeshed entangled monster... they push each other's buttons, If I contact one of them, the other reacts. Whatever I say to one of them gets twisted and 'spinned' and distorted and reported to the other, and their buttons get poushed in ways I cannot predict. So its safer to do the 'ectomy' cure and just cut them off. But even that is a mess ? When she finally dies, The BPD Brother and I will probably face off in probate court over inheritance issues. My 'ectomy" will be interpreted as Neglect. Either way, I seem to lose. / Can't Win